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Operational Guidelines



The Missouri Council on Advanced Practice (MOCAP) is an organization of Missouri Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) that operates as an organizational unit within the formal structure of the Missouri Nurses Association (MONA). Its mission is to nurture, enhance and promote the role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. It includes organized APRN chapters throughout the state that collaborate within these guidelines to insure that APRNs have the opportunity to practice professional nursing to the full magnitude of their educational preparation, knowledge, skills and experience.



The purpose of MOCAP shall be to:

         Nurture, enhance and promote the role of APRNs in their delivery of primary health care in a variety of clinical settings.

         Educate and promote APRNs as health care policy makers.

         Provide educational opportunities for the professional growth and development of APRNs.

         Foster networking opportunities among members.

         Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration with other professional groups.

         Promote activities that enhance the visibility of the APRN role in Missouri.

         Promote and support APRN chapters throughout Missouri.

         Support the mission of MONA.



Missouri APRNs who are MONA members are eligible to join MOCAP.



The Chair of the MONA APRN-SIG will serve as the Chair of MOCAP.The Vice Chair and Secretary shall be appointed by MOCAP members.All officers must be APRNs and have active MONA membership. Officers may be retired APRNs.APRN Chapter Chair/Presidents or designee will have one seat on MOCAP.



Chair: The Chair shall have the following duties:

         serve as presiding officer of the Missouri Council of APRNs meetings

         serve as presiding officer of the Executive Committee

         represent APRNs on the MONA Board of Directors

         make all required appointments of standing committee Chairpersons

         perform other duties as needed


The Chair will provide leadership related to achievement of MOCAP goals and represent MOCAP when MONA CEO requests. The term of office is two years with a new chair being appointed in odd numbered years. The Missouri Council of APRNs Chair will represent APRNs on the MONA Board of Directors with a voice and vote.


Vice Chair: The Vice Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair in her or his absence. The Vice Chair assists the chair as needed and arranges/confirms meeting rooms and food/beverages for the quarterly meetings. The term of office is two years with a new Vice Chair be appointed in odd numbered years.


Secretary: The Secretary shall oversee the proper recording of the proceedings of MOCAP and Executive Committee meetings and conference calls, disseminate the minutes, post listserv announcements, serve as a liaison for webpage postings and perform other duties as assigned. The Secretary will also be responsible for the MOCAP sign-in table at quarterly meetings, except as provided by MONA staff members.The term of office is two years and with a new Secretary being appointed in odd numbered years.



COMPOSITION: The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The Chair shall serve as presiding officer of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall preside. The Secretary shall serve as Secretary to the Executive Committee. A majority of the voting members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.


DUTIES: The Executive Committee shall serve as the governing body of Missouri Council of APRNs. The Committee is empowered to act in the interim between meetings and must report any actions taken to the full Council of APRNs. The Committee may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business. Those rules shall be consistent with the organizational bylaws of the parent organization, MONA. The Executive Committee meets, as needed, at the discretion of the Chair in cooperation with committee members, and may conduct its business by conference call.



The MONA APRN-SIG Chair, who serve as MOCAP Chair, will be elected biennially in odd numbered years. The Vice Chair and Secretary will also be appointed in odd numbered years.



MOCAP will appoint the Vice Chair and Secretary from members of MOCAP. If the office of Secretary becomes vacant before the end of the term of office, the Chair, with the agreement of the Executive Committee, can appoint a replacement so that the business of MOCAP continues, uninterrupted. If the Vice Chair position becomes vacant prior to the completion of the term, a new candidate will be appointed at the full Council meeting, by vote of the Council members present.



MOCAP meetings will be held quarterly. The Executive Committee shall designate the time and place of the meetings which shall be posted on the MONA website ( The Chair, as necessary, shall call special meetings with notice sent via the APRN listserv, as soon as possible prior to the scheduled meeting date. Meetings shall follow Robertís Rules of Order Newly Revised (current edition). A majority of the voting council members shall constitute a quorum.



The Executive Committee may appoint committees annually. Committees may include Professional Education, Public Relations, Membership, Scholarships/Awards, and other designated committees. Committees may also be appointed as Ad Hoc. The Chair shall appoint the chairs of all committees.

         The Chair is an ex-officio member of all committees.

         All Committees report to the Executive Committee.

         All Committee Chairs and members must be members of MONA.



Purpose: ††To increase APRN participation in activities by bringing together members who have common interests or pursuits. Interests may include, but are not limited to, geographical location, continuing education, workplace or other professional issues.

         Membership in a Chapter is open to all APRNs.

         Meetings are held at times and locations convenient to participants and may be posted on the MONA website and MONA events may be posted on Chapter websites.

         Meetings may be open to non-members of MONA.

         Each Chapter Chair or designee must attempt to attend regularly scheduled Missouri Council of APRNs meetings.

         Each Chapter should have a Chair who oversees the Chapterís activities and a Secretary who records Chapter proceedings.

         If the Chapter Chair is not a MONA member, the Chapter must select a designee who is a MONA member.

         The Chapter Chair/President or designee will be allowed one vote on MOCAP.

         Chapters may engage in independent fundraising projects for the discretionary support of Chapter activities.


MOCAP Responsibilities to MONA

         Provide MONA CEO with a copy of any suggested revisions to current operational guidelines, for review, feedback, and MONA Board of Directors approval.

         The MOCAPís Secretary shall forward the names and addresses of all Chapter officers and MOCAP representatives immediately following their election or appointment to the MONA Office Services Coordinator.

         Provide the MONA Office an events calendar of all meetings and/or events of the various chapters for publication on the MONA website.

         Submit an annual report to MONA listing goals, activities, outcomes and membership.

         The MOCAP Chair will represent the APRNs on the MONA Board of Directors.



If MOCAP dissolves at any time, any assets shall go to the Missouri Nurses Foundation.



The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (current edition) shall govern the decisions of MOCAP at all levels of the organization in all cases where they do not conflict with the adopted policies and procedures.



The Executive Committee may recommend amendments. A majority vote of MOCAP members present at any meeting will ratify proposed amendments to these guidelines which will be forwarded to the MONA Board of Directors for approval.
























Approved by MONA Board 12/11/09